Academic Policies

Academic Policies

Academic Policies and Procedures
Course Registration:
All students are required to register courses by filling up the prescribed Registration Form (available at ACAD) in each semester until they have fulfilled all graduation requirements. Without registration credits will not be counted. The date and time of registration are provided in the Academic Calendar and a notice of registration is circulated by the Office of the Controller of Examinations. All students must complete their registration within the workload /schedule given in consistence with the range of GPA of the immediate past semester and abiding by the work load policy. Payment for registration is to be settled as per installment and period mentioned in the notice and Registration Form is to be signed by the authorized signatory of ACFD before submission to Office of the Controller of Examination.

The registration after the deadline may be allowed in extenuating circumstances on payment of late fine of Tk.50/- per day basis. After expiry of normal duration of registration, a specified period before one week of commencement of Mid-term Examination is declared for registration of unregistered students, which is called late registration.

If any student fails to complete the course registration within the deadline (One week before commencement of Mid-Term Exam), he/she shall be considered as de-registered student for that particular semester and consequently, he/she shall be barred from attending any class or examination.

Academic Advising System and Workload:
Under the Academic Advising System every student is assigned an academic advisor by the respective department. It aims at creating an opportunity for closer interactions between the faculty members and the students for supervising students’ academic planning, performance and progress. They may also seek help from their advisors in planning their semester workload, registering courses and other academic activities.

Minimum workload for a regular semester is 12 credit hours or its equivalent and maximum load is up to 24 credit hours. Since IIUC is following the Open Credit Hour System, a student may register the expected number of credits with the recommendation of his/her respective academic advisor and the approval of the Head of the Department or the Dean of the Faculty or the Pro Vice-Chancellor as the case may be. But semester workload must be consistent with the range of GPA and the allowed workload policy.

Advisable Semester Workload for the Faculty of Shari’ah & Islamic Studies, Business Studies, Arts & Humanities and Law under Open Credit Hour System (OCHS) based on GPA is given below:

1 3.75 – 4.00 24 Cr. Hrs.
2 3.50 – 3.74 20-22 Cr. Hrs.
3 2.75-3.49 18-20 Cr. Hrs.
4 2.25 – 2.74 15-18 Cr. Hrs.
5 2.00 – 2.24 12-15 Cr. Hrs.
6 1.70 – 1.99 12 Cr. Hrs.
Below 1.70 or Repeat Case (Due to very poor performance)
Advisable Semester Workload for the Faculty of Science & Engineering under Open Credit Hour System (OCHS) based on GPA is given below:
1 3.75 – 4.00 28 Cr. Hrs.
2 3.50 – 3.74 26 Cr. Hrs.
3 2.75-3.49 24 Cr. Hrs.
4 2.25 – 2.74 22 Cr. Hrs.
5 2.00 – 2.24 20 Cr. Hrs.
6 1.70 – 1.99 15 Cr. Hrs.
Below 1.70 or Repeat Case (Due to very poor performance) 12 Cr. Hrs.
Adding and Dropping of Courses:
Students may add course/s to, or drop course/s from the courses that they have already registered. Dropped courses mean cancellation of the registration of the course, whereas added courses are considered registered. To add and drop course/s, prescribed Add & Drop Form (available at ACAD) must be filled up and submitted to the ACAD within first week of the current semester (as mentioned in the academic calendar) with the recommendation of the academic advisor and the approval of the Head of the Department. The total number of credit hours after adding and dropping exercise must be in adherence with the academic workload policy.

Withdrawal from Registered Courses:
Students may apply for the withdrawal of a course that they have already registered for. The course withdrawal may be done immediately after the Mid Term Examination (8th to 9th week of the relevant semester). The total number of credit hours after withdrawal must not fall below the minimum workload (i.e. 12 credit hours) as specified above. Prescribed Withdrawal Form (available at ACAD) must be filled up and submitted to the ACAD within the period mentioned in the academic calendar with the recommendation of the academic advisor and the approval of the department. A grade “W” is assigned to the courses that have been withdrawn. ‘W’ is deleted from Final Transcript.

Criteria for Repeating Courses:
For ‘F’ Grade holders the course must be repeated within the next 2 consecutive semesters. Pre-requisite courses should be repeated on priority basis.
The Final grade will be computed in the Final Transcript and the previous grade/s will be marked with ‘R’ grade (as the retake course) which has no effect on GPA or CGPA. ‘R’ is deleted from Final Transcript during graduation.
If any student earns ‘D-‘ or above grade in any course, he / she does not need to repeat.

Class Attendance Requirement:
Students are required to attend all lectures, tutorials, seminars, lab works etc. of the courses that they have registered for. Normally 80% attendance is required to allow a student to take the semester final examination. The students having class attendance between 70% to 60% will be declared non-collegiate and they need to pay Tk.500/- per course and the students having class attendance below 60% will be declared dis-collegiate. They will be barred from attending in the Final Examination. They will get ‘F’ grade in the semester result.

Dropping Semester/Leave of Absence:
A student who requires to spend a period of time away from the University may apply by filling up a prescribed form (available at ACAD) of Semester Drop for a leave of absence stating valid ground for the purpose and length of leave desired (maximum two semesters). The student must apply for dropping the semester during the registration period. No fees will be imposed during such leave. The right to use University facilities, however, is suspended while the leave is in effect. A student who is suffering from a prolonged illness may request for a further period of his leave of absence on medical ground by writing to ACAD through the Head of the department. To get such an extension, a student must submit a comprehensive medical report along with the application.

If any student is found absent or unregistered without having permission for a whole semester, he/she has to bear the semester fee for the respective semester to continue his/her study. However, if any student, found absent or unregistered without permission for more than two consecutive semesters, he/she will be considered as discontinued student. If such students wish to continue the study, an appeal may be made to the authority through proper channel for re-admission. The decision on the appeal for re-admission will be taken by the competent authority.

Transfer of Credits/ Exemptions:
Students who have completed certain undergraduate course requirements and earned credits for that from other recognized institutions or universities or departments may apply for credit transfer, provided that they are similar and equivalent to the corresponding courses at IIUC. The relevant committee of IIUC will determine the equivalence of the courses. The maximum credit transfer allowed is 50% of the total credits required for graduation at IIUC. Students who wish to apply for credit transfer must do it before the commencement of a semester. Necessary documents to support their application must also be provided.

Policies for Re-Admission and Withdrawal of Studentship

Existing Students:
A student who is dismissed on disciplinary grounds will not be considered for re-admission.
However, consideration may be given to cases based on medical/emergency reasons and are excusable to the University authority. The student will be re-admitted into the semester where the CGPA is of good standing.
The decision on the appeals for re admission will be valid subject to University rules.
Drooped Semester (s) will be counted during re-admission case.
Conditions after Re-admission:
A re-admitted student should achieve a CGPA of at least 2.00 in the first semester after readmission and failure to do so will result in dismissal. No further appeal for re-admission will be considered.

A re-admitted student should normally register a workload of not more than 12(twelve) Credit Hours. He/she can carry an extra course workload only with the approval of the Head of the Department/ Dean of the Faculty on the recommendation of the Academic Adviser. His/her Academic Advisor/Head of the Department will closely supervise him/her.

Disciplinary Suspension or Expulsion:
A student whose behavior is in violation of the University regulations is subject to face disciplinary action. As a politics free private University it absolutely prohibits any political activities direct or indirect within the University Campus. It totally bans any type of demonstration, procession, postering, bannering against the University rules and regulations, and administrative decisions. It also forbids any type of organized movement against any academic or administrative staff members of the University.

Any student who is found to be involved in or has violated any of these prohibitions may face Disciplinary Suspension or Expulsion from the University. These disciplinary actions may become a permanent part of the student’s personal record. A student who is expelled for disciplinary reasons cannot appeal for re-admission.

Policy for Improvement of Grade:
As directed, the policy for Improvement of Grade is appended below for your kind information and compliance, please
i) Range of Grade for Improvement: "B-" (B minus) or below, upto pass grade
ii) Validity of Improvement: Within Wvo consecutive Semesters
iii)Payment: Full Tuition Fee for that course/s on Credit Hour basis
iv) Computation of Grade: The highest grade bewveen two Examinations will be computed in the Transcript, It will be marked as .RI, (Retake for Improvement) indicating Retake as the purpose of Improvepent grade of the course
v) Maximum course/s allowed for Improvement: Two courses in a Semester,
vi) The course/s registered for improvement shall not be counted within the normaload (CH)
vii) Graduating students whose result has been recommended for graduation by the central Board of Examination (CBE) shall not be eligible for Improvement
viii) ) Improvement for a particular course vdll be allowed once only

Withdrawal from the University:
Any enrolled student may withdraw his/her studentship from the University for good. An application has to be submitted to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor through the Head of the Department/Dean of the Faculty with the recommendation of the academic adviser and also with consent of the parents/guardian (as the case may be), stating the specific reason/s for withdrawal and the student’s last day of residence on campus.

Fees of Releavant:
SL Description Amount
1 Special Exam Fees 4000/-
2 Special Arrangement Fees 100% Tuition Fee for above 10 students or 200% Tuition fee for less than 10 students
3 Studentb ID Card 300/-
4 Credit Transfer Fee 6000/-
5 Siblings Waiver 20%
** Department transfer fee is tk. 10,000/= for every department.