International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) is one of the top graded Government approved private universities in Bangladesh. The credit for the idea of establishing this University goes to Islamic University Chittagong Trust (IUCT), which is the founder organization of the University. This Trust is a non-political and non-profit oriented voluntary organization, registered with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under the Societies Act XXI of 1860. This Trust felt the need for a university under private initiative in view of the absence of institutions of higher learning based on Islamic vision of life in the public sector. With this idea having its origin in 1990, the Trust discussed the concept of a private Islamic university with a group of intellectuals, Islamic thinkers, and educationists, from home and abroad. It was these Islamic personalities that came forward to materialize the dream of such an institution by putting their ideas, energies and fulfilling other requirements. In 1992 an anchor organization called Islamic University Chittagong Trust (IUCT) was founded under the aegis of this body and by the grace of Allah (SWT), an institution of higher learning under the name of Islamic University Chittagong got the Government’s approval on February 11, 1995 and the University was founded accordingly in the same year. Thus a long cherished dream of the people of Chittagong came into reality. In the year 2000 Islamic University Chittagong (IUC) was upgraded into International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), thus it got a scope to extend its services to the Ummah at large.

In 2004 IIUC was recognized as one of the 9 top-graded Private Universities by a Government-appointed High Powered Team led by the UGC Chairman. At present, it is the largest private university with teachers about 400 (Full time: 270 & Adjunct: 130) and students around 12000 from home and abroad( needed to be verified). A good number of full-time teachers and students are studying abroad for pursuing higher studies with IIUC’s scholarship or financial assistance or continuation of services. The Graduation degrees of CSE & CCE are accredited by the BAETE. IIUC grants waiver, generous financial assistances and scholarships to the students at different rates depending on the results of their previous examinations and financial condition. IIUC participated in different national and international contests, winning prizes for obtaining prestigious positions. IIUC successfully organized five International Conferences on different important issues relating to education, ethics and Islamization of knowledge. It also arranged ‘National Computer Programming Contest’ (NCPC-2004) in collaboration with the Ministry of Science & ICT and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) as part of its regular programs.

Legal Aspect:

The founding of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) was made possible by the passage of a historic Act of Parliament in 1992 – The Private University Act, 1992. Later on amended in 1998 and 2010 respectively This Act empowers IIUC to frame its own Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations governing the manifold activities of IIUC like academic, administrative, financial, student welfare, discipline etc. The Charter of IIUC as framed within the provisions of the Act and as approved by the Government empowers the University to confer degrees in various disciplines on undergraduate and graduate programs.


Unlike most private Universities in Bangladesh, IIUC is blessed with a beautiful campus situated at Kumira, Chittagong, surrounded by gentle hills that carry a message of protection and perfection in beauty where both Teachers and Students can devote themselves to create Knowledge. This campus is also not very far from the Bay of Bengal but about 24km away from the bustle of the city.

The Mission of the University is to revive the glorious part of the Amah, as they were the patrons of scholarship and imparters of education for the whole mankind, through establishing Universities, Educational Institutions, Research Centres and Public Libraries during the Golden Periods of Middle ages for more than seven centuries.

The Vision of the University is to establish this University as the Centre of Excellence in South Asian Region, in different areas of scholarship like Shariah Sciences, Business Studies, Modern Sciences and Engineering and Law etc. Its door is open to the admission seekers from all over the world, regardless of race, region and religion. This university cherishes the dream of becoming one of the highest seat of learning and creating knowledge in the Asian and East Asian region.

The Objectives of the University are as follows:

(a) To create a new generation of competent youths, who will be equipped with academic excellence, professional expertise and be adorned with moral height.

(b) To follow a policy of continued Islamisation and Modernization of Knowledge and academic curricula in different branches of disciplines, so that its students can imbibe the true spirit of Islam as an effective guiding principle in their profession and personal life.

The Motto of the University is “IIUC Combine Quality with Morality”.
Faculties of the University:
The following five faculties are now functioning at IIUC

  1. Faculty of Shariah & Islamic Studies
  2. Faculty of Sciences & Engineering
  3. Faculty of Business Studies
  4. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  5. Faculty of Laws
  6. Faculty of Social Science

Academic Programs Offered:

a) Four Year Bachelor’s Programs in
1. Qur’anic Sciences and Islamic Studies, BA (Hons)
2. Da’wah and Islamic Studies, BA (Hons)
3. Science of Hadith and Islamic Studies, BA (Hons)
4. Computer Science &Engineering, B.Sc. Engg,
5. Electrical &Electronic Engineering, B.Sc. Engg.
6. Electronic &Telecommunication Engineering, B.Sc. Engg.
7. Pharmacy, B. Pharm. (Hons).
8. Business Administration, BA.
9. Economics and Banking, BSS (Hons).
10. English Language &Literature, BA (Hons).
11. Law (LL.B Hons)

b) Masters Programs in
1. Qur’anic Sciences and Islamic Studies, MA.
2. Da’wah and Islamic Studies, MA.
3. Business Administration (Regular), MBA.
4. Business Administration (Evening), MBA
5. Bank Management. , MBA
6. Economics and Banking, MSS
6. English Language &Literature. (Preliminary &Final), MA
7. Law (Preliminary &Final), (LL.M)
8. Islamic Studies, MA.
9. M.Sc. in Computer Sciences and Engineering

d) Certificate &Diploma Programs:
1. Certificate and Diploma in Arabic Language
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Library &Information Science
3. Certificate Course in Chinese Language

Foreign Collaboration

IIUC has signed formal academic collaboration agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the following organizations. The MoU includes credit transfer facility and teachers &students exchange program etc.
1.Portland State University (USA)
2.Islamic Foundation, Leicester, U.K.
3.University of Bedfordshire, U.K.
4.University of Cape Breton (UCB), Canada
5.International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
6.Al Imam University of Riyad (KSA)
7.Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU)
8.Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
9.Tri-shakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.
10.Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
11.Al Azhari University,Al Zaiem,Sudan.
12.Islamic University,Omdurman,Sudan
13.Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia
14.International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
15.University of Management and Technology, Pakistan
16.Indus University, Karachi, Pakistan
17. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. Malaysia.
18. The University of Hubie Science and Technology, China.

Research Journals

The following Research Jornals are being published regularly under the Centre for Research &Publication(CRP)

i. IIUC Studies:A peer Reviewed Research Journal(published in English).

ii. Dirasal al-Jamiah Al-Islamiyyah al Alamiyyah(An Arabic Peer Reviewed Research Journal published annually)

iii. Business Review- A Peer Reviewed Research Journal of Business: Published in English annually.